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What’s the latest? Journeys for Good™ Announces Partnership with Leading Voluntour Operator Globe Aware.
Journeys for Good™ Introduces New Corporate Volunteer Travel Program for Companies and Organizations.

Journeys for Good™

Steve & Joanie Wynn

Created by multiple Emmy award-winning husband and wife production team Steve and Joanie Wynn, Journeys for Good™  is an original travel series like no other, combining the adventure of global travel with the rewards of giving back.  The first two episodes aired on public television and the web, receiving multiple Emmy and Telly awards.

As volunteers travel to participate in service projects around the world, they find that cultural differences disappear as they work with locals to create positive change.  Though the change may sometimes seem small, the process awakens new perspectives and brings benefits far beyond the trip itself.

With a diverse set of locations and projects, Journeys for Good tells stories about….

building connections and breaking down barriers

finding yourself through helping others

giving back and receiving so much more in return

and seeing the world and yourself a bit differently.

As storytellers, participants and hosts,

the Wynns meet the local people and

connect with fellow volunteers,

providing context and insight to each story.

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Journeys for Good™ is Winning Awards!

To date, Journeys for Good™ has received a combined 5 Telly Awards, 3 Emmy awards and 3 Emmy nominations for its first two programs in Tanzania and Cambodia.

Awards Won
Awards Won